The heat is on: helping with the journey to net zero


We all know that it’s vital to take action now to reduce our organisation’s carbon emissions, but with such a complex challenge, where do you start?

Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust (LCH) has already started on their sustainability journey, and they are breaking down the challenge into manageable segments, allowing them to focus on one area at a time. When they wanted a heat decarbonisation review, they came to Community Ventures.

The Solution

Community Ventures already had an embedded estates team working with LCH. They got to work, using supply chain partners to support the task.
The team found expert sustainability professionals, who were able to survey LCH’s 14 buildings. Using the Energy Hierarchy Approach, the team looked at fabric and fenestration, heating, HVAC, lighting, controls and interfaces and monitoring and targeting.

Taking external factors into account

The review also took into account external factors, such as the Climate Change Act 2008, NHS policy and local policies, such as those from Leeds City Council.

The team project managed the full scheme, as well as handling the funding and reporting processes for the plan.

The result

The outcome was a Heat Decarbonisation Plan, giving LCH a clear direction of travel to work towards achieving carbon net zero. It provided a bespoke, step-by-step route to decarbonisation of the Trust’s heating, starting with straightforward actions such as improving building fabric and making efficiencies. Alternatives to traditional methods of heating were also proposed, such as replacing fossil fuel heating systems with electrical or hydrogen options.

LCH are now confident that their journey to net zero is taking the right path, and they can move forward with their plan to minimise the impact of their buildings on the environment.

"Community Ventures supported the bidding process, liaised with the 3rd party contractor and ensured that all the necessary grant funding forms were completed on time. We would not have received reimbursement without their helpful advice and assistance."

Peter Ainsworth,
Operational Support Manager, LCH

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