Operational Management

Operational management is all about taking the hassle of running your estate out of your to-do list, meaning you can concentrate on strategy and delivery. We can organise everything, from the day-to-day maintenance schedule, to analysis of how to get the maximum out of your existing properties. Working together as partners, we can become part of your wider team, giving you peace of mind for the long-term.


Estates management is all about making sure your estate is fit for its purpose, and that its users can deliver services without worrying about the building around them. It’s about ensuring that your buildings are always maintained and available for use, and that the cost of running your properties is minimised.

With us managing any aspect of your estate responsibilities, you’ll be able to concentrate on your core activities, safe in the knowledge that your estate is in good hands. 


All buildings need maintenance, but you need this to take place at a time when it’s least disruptive for your users and visitors. We can make sure your buildings are always operating effectively and at the required standard.

We’ll maximise the amount of time your building is operational, co-ordinate works so they don’t interfere with your delivery, and ensure all statutory and other critical obligations are met, in a timely and cost effective manner. 


Maintenance and lifecycle planning is all about ensuring the fabric and systems of a building are proactively maintained to a safe and appropriate standard. A well developed planned lifecycle programme will minimise the risk of problems caused by unexpected failures, whilst an effective response plan will lessen the impact of issues. 

We can develop, manage and supervise the delivery of maintenance and lifecycle plans, and do so in a way which reduces the risks to the operation of your building and maximises the value of your budget. 


Running an estate, whether large or small, is always a drain on your overall budget, so you need to make sure you’re using the assets you have to maximum effect. That’s where we can come in; our utilisation services optimise the use of your facilities, reducing your overall estates requirement and freeing up funding for use elsewhere. 

We’ll survey your existing estate, establishing a baseline, and then identify potential opportunities to optimise occupancy whilst ensuring outputs are unaffected, or even enhanced. We’ll then create a plan to put this into practice, supporting you to deliver it. 


As most people know, moving house is one of the most stressful experiences you can undergo. Moving an organisation or service between locations is even more demanding. Our experienced team can take the whole process out of your hands, so all you need to do is pack a few boxes! Bring us in when you’re thinking of moving, and we’ll help you identify the space or building you need, find suitable options, and advise of the pros and cons of alternatives.

Where needed, we’ll sort out contracts and look to get you the best possible lease terms, and then develop, plan and oversee the relocation itself. We’ll even help you dispose of surplus assets. 


Sustainability has to be at the top of the modern estate professional’s priority list. But in this fast-moving area, it’s difficult to keep on top of the latest requirements, technological developments and ideas. We can advise and support you to better understand what challenges you face, then develop and deliver sustainability plans for your individual properties or full estate.

We’ll assist you to identify challenges, opportunities and options across two specific, but complementary, areas – technical and design solutions, which can make your building more efficient, and operational and maintenance solutions, which can improve use of your estate through behavioural change. We’ll help you find out where you currently stand in terms of sustainability, where you want to be, and develop a plan to get you there in a realistic timescale and budget. 

We can offer a design service which demonstrates and meets the BREEAM Excellent standard, and we also undertake dynamic thermal modelling and energy assessments on existing estates to improve energy performance. 

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